Already Have An Attorney?

New Jersey Divorce LawyersThere are many times where a person may have already hired a divorce lawyer but for whatever reason (and sometimes for no reason at all) they prefer to switch to a different divorce lawyer. This is not uncommon and can generally be accomplished. There are a few particular situations where it may not be practical to switch attorneys or the attorney you presently have may have to ask the Court to permit you to switch. There are also some circumstances where your current lawyer may not want to represent you anymore and you need to hire someone else.

You are certainly entitled to consult with another attorney despite already being represented even if just for a second or third opinion like you would with a doctor. Some common circumstances for changing attorneys include differing personalities between the lawyer and client, differing case strategies, an attorney’s conflict of interest, change of location where the case is being heard, and financial reasons.

We know that once a decision has been made to change lawyers, the conversation with your prior attorney can be awkward. Your new and prior attorney can communicate directly with your approval so that the transfer of your file is as seamless and comfortable for you as possible in all respects.

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