Maintaining Your Lifestyle in New Jersey After Divorce

New Jersey Divorce AttorneysOne of the difficult realities of divorce is that two households must live on the same resources that once supported one household. Knowing this, some of our clients are worried that they will have to make unwanted adjustments to their lifestyles.

If you are concerned about maintaining your lifestyle after divorce, talk to a lawyer with extensive experience handling high-asset divorce cases. At Schultz & Associates, LLC, our New Jersey divorce attorneys can answer your questions and help you find solutions.

We Understand The Complexities Of High Net Worth Divorce

The New Jersey divorce attorneys of Schultz & Associates, LLC, understand the complexities of high net worth divorce because we handle high-asset cases on a regular basis — and we only practice in the area of family law. If you are going through a divorce, or anticipating a divorce, our New Jersey divorce attorneys can help you address important issues related to:

  • Your home, beach house or other real property you may currently own
  • Vacations and recreational activities
  • Private education and extracurricular expenses for your children
  • Alimony, which tends to be ordered by a court with the goal of providing for comparable living for both parties
  • How child support may impact your life and your children’s lives


Every divorce situation is different. At Schultz & Associates, LLC, our New Jersey divorce attorneys can help you address your specific concerns. Carrie S. Schultz, Esq., is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney, a designation issued to attorneys who meet the state’s highest qualifications with regard to family law.

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Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced New Jersey divorce attorneys. We will be happy to sit down with you and answer your questions about post-divorce lifestyles.

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