New Jersey Child Custody Attorneys Handle Parent Relocation Cases

New Jersey Child Custody AttorneysDivorced parents can experience a change in circumstances that causes them to want (or need) to relocate. In most cases, it is a job, a relationship or a family situation that prompts the move. Relocation can have a significant impact on child custody, for both the children and the adults who are involved.

The term removal can refer to a parent moving away with his or her child. If you are seeking legal counsel regarding a relocation, the New Jersey child custody attorneys at Schultz & Associates, LLC can help you find a way to resolve the matter.

New Jersey Child Custody Attorneys Help in Child Removal

At Schultz & Associates, LLC, we help our clients address complex custody matters, including custody, visitation and support issues related to relocation. As your New Jersey child custody attorneys, we can help you protect your legal rights and the interests of your children. Whether you are planning to relocate or your child’s other parent is talking about relocation, we can help you:

  • Understand the New Jersey guidelines that relate to relocation
  • Understand what your divorce decree or child custody order says about moving
  • Work toward or contest the modification of a child custody order
  • Evaluate your options before you accept an out-of-state job offer or transfer
  • Address issues related to remarriage
  • Negotiate with your child’s other parent regarding relocation

Relocation cases can be difficult. Seek the advice of an experienced custody lawyer if you need help. New Jersey child custody attorneys with Schultz & Associates, LLC, are certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as Matrimonial Law Attorneys, a special designation issued to attorneys who meet the state’s highest qualifications.

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