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New Jersey Child Custody AttorneysEvery parent knows that child custody is a very important concept and a critical part of many divorces. Few parents understand the mechanics of custody and the differences in types of custody arrangements that are possible — because these matters can be complicated and are always specific to an individual situation.

If you need a lawyer to explain your custody options, which may include joint custody of your child or children, and help you protect your parental rights, talk to our New Jersey child custody lawyers at Schultz & Associates, LLC. We have focused our energy on family law for decades.

The fundamental fact is that there are two kinds of custody: decision-making custody and physical custody. Decision-making custody (which allows a parent or parents to make decisions about medical treatment, education and other important things) can be awarded jointly or solely, as can physical custody, which indicates who a child primarily lives with.

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At Schultz & Associates, LLC, our New Jersey child custody lawyers help men and women navigate the challenges of child custody. We can assist you with regard to:

  • Pursuing equitable custody arrangements that are in the best interest of your children and that facilitate quality time with them
  • Custody matters that affect non-married couples
  • The relationship between custody and child support
  • Obtaining modifications related to child custody, when necessary
  • Parent relocation, which can affect custody arrangements

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Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced New Jersey child custody lawyers. We will be happy to sit down with you, answer your questions about divorce and custody, and help you develop a strategy to address your concerns.

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