New Jersey Child Custody Lawyers

The Right Custody Arrangement For Your Situation

New Jersey Child Custody Lawyers
Custody arrangements are often the most contested and difficult issues in a divorce matter. It is vital to work with our experienced New Jersey child custody lawyers to determine the custody arrangement that is best for you and your children. At Schultz & Associates, LLC, our New Jersey child custody lawyers will discuss all types of resolutions, including innovative options with the goal always being providing for the best interests of the children while suiting the parents’ lifestyles.

It is often best to avoid a legal battle in which one party is declared the winner and the other the loser, especially in a highly charged family law matter and in matters involving children. Working to negotiate a child custody arrangement that is mutually satisfactory is our first step. If that fails, our New Jersey child custody lawyers will not hesitate to litigate aggressively on your behalf.

Sole and Joint Child Custody in New Jersey

New Jersey law promotes the concept that it is best for a child to have strong, functional relationships with both parents. However, the issue of custody in New Jersey is by no means straightforward. At Schultz & Associates, LLC, our New Jersey child custody lawyers will distinguish and explain to you the difference between sole legal custody, shared legal custody, sole residential custody, shared residential custody, parent of primary resident and parent of alternate resident, as well as develop a workable visitation/parenting time schedule that fits the specific situation.

Determining any custody arrangement involves consideration of a range of issues, including but not limited to:

  • The child’s and parent’s physical and mental health;
  • The relationships between the child and each parent;
  • The relationship and cooperation between the parents;
  • The stability of each potential home environment;
  • Any special needs of the child;
  • The geographic distance between parent’s homes; and
  • The child’s preference, if he or she is of a certain age.


As New Jersey child custody lawyers also serving New York, we support mothers’ rights and fathers’ rights, as well as the rights of grandparents. Our New Jersey child custody lawyers represent non-married clients who have children and are in need of preparing or finalizing a custody or parenting time/visitation arrangement. Whatever your situation, we work with you to create solutions that meet the needs of all parties.

When The Safety of Your Child is at Stake

In some unfortunate cases, it is not healthy for a child to maintain relationships with both parents, as in some cases of domestic violence, drug use, or sexual abuse by a parent. When a child is potentially in danger by being exposed to the other parent, our New Jersey child custody lawyers have the experience to demonstrate and convince the judge that you may be the more fit parent and that it is in the best interest of the children that you should receive sole custody. Our New Jersey child custody lawyers will present a case that clearly documents your position and fight aggressively for you and for your children’s best interests.

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