New Jersey Family Lawyers for a High Net Worth Divorce

All divorces are hard, but not all divorces are the same. If you and your spouse acquired significant assets during your marriage, or if you came into your marriage with a substantial net worth, you need to choose a law firm that is capable of preserving your wealth in your divorce. At Schultz & Associates, LLC, we focus our practice on high net worth divorce cases, and our attorneys bring decades of experience to protecting our clients’ interests in divorce.

New Jersey Family Lawyers for a High Net Worth DivorceFor wealthy couples, getting divorced can put a lot on the table. Couples that have established substantial holdings through investments, business ventures, and high-paying occupations can easily have millions at stake in their divorce, and it is critical that each spouse hire independent legal representation in order to protect his or her financial interests as much as possible.

In many cases, one or both spouses will have come into the marriage having amassed substantial wealth already. As a general rule, any assets brought into the marriage (as opposed to being acquired during the marriage) will not be subject to distribution in divorce. However, proving that certain assets qualify as “separate property” often presents surprising challenges, and there are circumstances in which assets owned prior to the marriage can become “marital assets” subject to equitable distribution as well.

Experienced Bergen County Family Lawyers for High Net Worth Divorces

Schultz & Associates, LLC is a team of highly-skilled family lawyers who have decades of experience representing clients in high net worth divorces. We take pride in the results we have achieved for our clients, and we prioritize maintaining open lines of communication so that our clients make smart decisions about protecting their financial interests. Our attorneys have been ranked among the Top 50 Women Attorneys and 10 Best in Client Satisfaction, and our clients consistently rate us highly for our legal acumen and commitment to providing personalized legal representation.

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Key Legal Considerations in High Net Worth Divorces

While all divorces involve some combination of the same primary issues – division of property, spousal support, child support, and child custody – high net worth individuals face many unique considerations when going through the divorce process. For example, tax planning often takes on heightened importance, and dividing the couple’s marital property can require detailed valuation and forecasting with respect to:

  • High-value personal property, including artwork, collections, cars, boats, furniture, Judaica, and jewelry
  • Real estate assets, including residences, vacation properties, rental properties, and commercial real estate
  • Retirement assets, including 401(k) accounts, traditional and Roth IRAs, profit-sharing plans, and stock options
  • Privately-held business interests
  • Securities and other passive non-retirement investments

High net worth individuals may also have substantial inherited assets, which will generally need to be segregated as non-distributable separate property. For many couples, a prenuptial or mid-marriage agreement will take on central importance as well—as the terms of their agreement may be determinative on issues such as payment of spousal support, ownership and control of a privately-held business, and distribution of other high-value marital property assets.

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