New Jersey Divorce Lawyers Handle Prenups and Mid-Marriage Agreements

pre-nuptial agreement
Creating The Prenuptial Agreement That Meets Your Needs

It is not uncommon for two parties entering marriage to create a legally binding document to establish asset distribution and the obligations of each spouse in the event of a future divorce or separation. Premarital agreements are as unique as each couple — they can be as inclusive or exclusive of provisions and terms as you desire. Provisions in a prenup may include:

  • Rights to assets acquired during the marriage, including real estate and property;
  • Specification of separate property and premarital debts that will not be divided upon marital dissolution;
  • Establishment, modification or disestablishment of alimony; and
  • Rights to death and pension benefits.


Our New Jersey divorce lawyers take the time to listen to your concerns while advising you of the short- and long-term effects of the provisions in the agreement. Our experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers make sure the prenuptial agreement you enter into represents your best interests and stands to protect you in the future in the event of dissolution of your marriage. If you are thinking of preparing or drafting a prenuptial agreement, please contact us immediately because there are timing considerations that must be discussed in relation to your wedding date that could impact the validity of the prenuptial agreement.

Mid-Marriage Agreements

Are you having marital difficulties but you are not ready to formally divorce? Are you informally separated? In such a case, you have the option of creating a mid-marriage agreement. Mid-marriage agreements are often considered by couples who:

  • Want to define the shared property and the equitable distribution thereof;
  • Must protect a business or business shareholders from divorce fallout; or
  • Want to protect themselves financially from an unstable marriage.


Whatever the reason, at Schultz & Associates, LLC our New Jersey divorce lawyers will speak with you, review your personal and financial situation, and create a mid-marriage agreement that meets your needs.

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