New Jersey Divorce Lawyers Handle Your Business Valuation

New Jersey Divorce LawyersProperty division in divorce is hard, but determining the value of certain assets is relatively easy. For example, a car has a book value, and a bank account has a balance.

Yet, the value of a privately owned business — like a family operation, a professional practice or a company with significant real estate interests — can be rather difficult to quantify. In many divorce cases in which business assets are at stake, both spouses are concerned about being treated fairly in the division of property. This underscores the need for solid legal representation — and careful business valuation — during the divorce process.

Division Of Business Assets

The New Jersey divorce lawyers of Schultz & Associates, LLC, help business owners and their spouses address complex property issues in divorce cases. As your law firm, our New Jersey divorce lawyers can help you protect your interests by:

  • Understanding your relationship to the business, whether you are a founder, part-owner, stay-at-home parent or other type of stakeholder
  • Utilizing well-known experts, such as forensic accountants, to evaluate your business and make recommendations as to its value
  • Negotiate with the other side to reach agreement as amicably as possible
  • Addressing related issues of child support and alimony

Schultz & Associates, LLC, is a firm that only practices family law. Carrie S. Schultz, Esq., is certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Matrimonial Law Attorney, a designation issued to attorneys who meet the state’s highest qualifications.

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