New Jersey Divorce Lawyers on Tax Issues

New Jersey Divorce LawyersOne of the most difficult aspects of a divorce is the financial challenge it can present. Some of our clients are concerned about the tax implications of divorce. Understandably, they want to optimize their tax position and avoid paying too much to Uncle Sam. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers can alert you regarding these issues and other important issues related to your case.

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At the law firm of Schultz & Associates, LLC, our New Jersey divorce lawyers provide focused representation in New Jersey family law cases, including divorce cases involving tax concerns. Our New Jersey divorce lawyers can help you protect your interests with regard to:

  • A divorce that occurred years ago but that has tax consequences currently
  • Questions like, “Is alimony tax deductible for the payer and taxable for the payee, the person who receives support?”
  • Child support exemption deductions
  • Tax matters related to property division in divorce
  • Retirement assets
  • A family business or other closely held business

We are committed to excellence in the practice of family law — because family law is all we do. We work closely with other professionals with expertise in the area of tax law.

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Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experienced New Jersey divorce lawyers. We can answer your questions about divorce and tax issues in New Jersey, and help you develop a strategy to address your concerns.

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