New Jersey Family Law Practice Areas

An Exclusive Focus on Family Law Representation in New Jersey

Schultz & Associates, LLC is a New Jersey family law firm focusing exclusively on representing clients in divorces and other family law matters. Our attorneys bring decades of experience to finding smart, creative, and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ legal needs.

Divorces and other family law issues are not like other legal matters. Litigation is rarely the best option, and working out an amicable solution requires careful attention to the emotional and financial interests of all parties involved. This means that family law cases require a different kind of lawyer. Family law cases require a lawyer who knows how to navigate not only the law, but also the unique complexities inherent in family-related disputes.

At Schultz & Associates, LLC, we do not handle other types of cases, and we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to meeting our clients’ needs. We approach every client’s situation with a broad perspective, identifying all of the relevant issues and then whittling them down until each one has been fully, finally, and fairly resolved.

Our Family Law Areas of Practice

We represent individuals and families throughout New Jersey in all aspects of contested and uncontested divorces and other family law matters. Our services include:


In our divorce practice, we most often seek to negotiate amicable settlements, as this will generally be in the best interests of all parties (the spouses and children) involved. However, our attorneys are also experienced divorce litigators who have taken numerous divorce cases to trial. When you hire Schultz & Associates, LLC to represent you in your divorce, our attorneys will work closely with you to develop a strategy designed to protect your interests now and for years to come.

High Net Worth Divorce

With offices in Bergen County, much of our practice is devoted to representing clients in high-net-worth divorces. Our attorneys have the background and experience to handle these often-complex divorces, and in each case we focus on the unique financial and business interests involved in order to ensure that our clients will be able to maintain the standard of living to which they became accustomed during their marriage.

Other New Jersey Family Law Matters

In addition to representing clients in divorce and post-divorce proceedings, our attorneys routinely represent individuals and families in non-divorce family law matters. No matter how confusing or how bad your situation may seem, we can help. We are available to provide prompt assistance for issues such as:


When facing a challenging legal issue, it is important to make informed decisions. To learn more about your situation, we encourage you to review our free articles and videos. If you would like to speak with an attorney directly, contact us to schedule an initial consultation today.

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If you need a family law attorney in New Jersey, contact the Bergen County law offices of Schultz & Associates, LLC. We are here to help, and you can rely on our decades of experience to help you achieve the outcome you and your loved ones deserve. To speak with one of our experienced family lawyers in confidence, please call 201-880-9770 or inquire online now.

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